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Planning is the most important part

Professional installation is the key to success


Home improvements have always been popular, and many DIY home improvement projects are still in full swing. We have always encouraged and supported these projects, providing supplies and non-biased advice.
Whether you choose to do it yourself or entrust us to do it for you, one thing remains very important.
Do the job the right way the first time!

We provide professional installations backed by knowledge and experience built over the years, and we have learned to follow some basic processes.

  • Identifying needs and purpose
  • Devising the solution
  • Installation Process
  • After service care

When identifying the flooring needs for your home or workspace, we will take into consideration your thoughts and ideas first. Then, we would analyse the best possible solution for the given space.
Every space has its own specific needs and purpose. Once we understood your requests, we will come up with a design.
Our advisors will provide you with full comprehension and reasoning for everything that we will do in the installation process. This is the right time to ask questions!

Following the installation, we will inform you about the product aftercare and periodic maintenance of the same.

Hand made Lavish Tencel Carpet

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