We are trained to use various flooring materials in our installation. Depending on your choice, we would use carpets, carpet tiles, vinyl sheets, vinyl tiles, laminate flooring and rugs. Most of the mentioned flooring materials need to have underlay solutions.

After the initial conversation and survey of your space in need of flooring services, we would give you our non-biased advice to as what materials would present the best solution for your needs.

All our services are personalised and professionally delivered.

We use the materials that are influenced by the environment, its purpose, design and your budget. Should we not hold stock of the desired flooring we are happy to offer price matching service for your job.

With the current trends of renovating and improving the premises, homes, schools, working environment and other spaces, people are opting to do some jobs by themselves.

We can provide friendly advice for your projects. Should you get stuck with the project, please check our installation guide.

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