Are carpets good for your home?


It seems that everyone thinks that carpets are an expensive solution for your flooring needs. Nowadays, with all technological advances of synthetic fibres, carpets are present the most economical and elegant choices for floor covering.


Carpets present a popular choice for designers, decorators and property owners due to their decorative beauty and versatility of application for different spaces in the home.
Huge variety of colours and textures available are creating these possibilities. Also, the softness, elegance and comfort make the carpet the ideal covering for all areas of the house.


With unique characteristics to retain dust carpets keep the level of the rising dust in the air low.
Once vacuumed the dust is removed from the carpet.
Hence, within carpeted flooring environments, there is less dust in the air than in places covered with hard floors.


It is highly recommended to choose the flooring that offers reasonable protection and minimizes the risk of bruising and injuries caused by slippery floors in the domestic and commercial environment. This is where carpets and carpet tiles come in the play. Creating a comfortable and safe surface to walk on!



Carpeted surfaces with properly installed underlay act as thermal insulators. Synthetic fibres retain small amounts of air that maintain the temperature for longer, producing less energy consumption. Providing the best flooring solutions including, the most comfortable and pleasant surfaces.



Walking barefoot on a thick carpet has an equivalent effect of a foot massage. Back and joint pains are known to be provoked by poor shoewear and bad walking surfaces. Minimise your issues with making sure you walk on the clouds like soft and comfy carpet.


Carpets have very good sound insulation property. There is no doubt that carpeting is simply the best and easiest way to absorb the noise. Impact noises, walking and even the squeaking floor noises are suppressed by properly installed carpets.
For the audio buffs, the sound insulation is a must to attain the high-quality sounds produced by their audio equipment.
And lets just not forget about the neighbours!


Carpets present relatively easy installation process with minimal maintenance requirements. Compared to other types of surfaces, carpets have a very low maintenance cost. Practical, resistant and durable flooring with a surface that does not scratch or splinter.


Carpets act as dust and allergen particles collector. Offering greater practicality for cleaning, the carpet is more hygienic than other kinds of flooring. Carpets do not cause allergic reactions and are perfectly suitable for people suffering from allergies.

Carpets are a major investment for home or office. They add comfort, warmth and even provide reasonable soundproofing. Explore your options and give us a call to help you further in your quest for the perfect flooring solution for your house or office.

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