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Larger and bespoke rugs supplied and fitted by, your West London premiere competitive flooring solutions.

He has put everything under his feet, we should follow that and make sure that our feet indulge warmth and comfort of soft textures.

Choosing the right carpet or any kind of flooring for any part of your home is the true reflection of your joys in life and your ways. Every space has got a different purpose, and creates fresh and recalls old memories from different moments of your life.
To be truly satisfied, you need to choose what you believe is the best choice. This best choice comes from the heart and will follow you for a long time.


Depending on the purpose of carpet, tiles, vinyl, vinyl tiles, laminate or rugs can be used in any room of your house. Your use will determine the material to use. There are several categories that the carpets are used for:

    • All areas
    • Low or Medium domestic wear like in bedrooms or ancillary rooms
    • Heavy Domestic wear in living rooms, dining rooms, corridors and stairs

Carpets should be durable to last at least 10 years.


Whatever the chosen flooring is, it has to be in colour balance with the rest of the environment and furniture that is in the space. Dark colours are usually better for the most traffic places and lighter for the intimate bedroom space.


Few questions come up in this section:

      • do you have high traffic in the some rooms?
      • do you have any pets?
      • do you have babies or toddlers?
      • do you have any allergies?

Our experts will be able to advise about the best choice for each room.

General guidance:

Living Room and Dining – high foot traffic space requires darker flooring, more durable, easy to clean, a little bit of pattern could hide lots of accidents. Laminate or hardwood flooring is ideal for high foot traffic living rooms.

Bedrooms – make the best of your day at the very first step out of the bed, soft and smooth carpet or a rug would help you there. Carpets also help in fighting allergies and asthma. They act as a sponge and soak up most of the allergen particles.

Bathrooms – It is not a pharmacy but cleanliness is No. 1 here. Easy to maintain flooring is needed. Ceramic non-slippery tiles with underfloor heating, laminate with rug combination, luxury vinyl tiles for ease of maintenance.

Kitchens – probably the most frequented place in everyone’s home. Stain-resistant rugs, ceramic tiles, laminate, vinyl tiles or vinyl could be used here. Stay away from the use of the carpets in the kitchens.

Pets – for your four-legged little and big friends it is very important to have surfaces that will not absorb the stains nor odours that your pets will bring from the outside. Whatever you use it would be best to be of a very low profile for the ease of vacuuming and spot cleaning.

Nursery – Let’s face it babies are messy. Keep the flooring suitable to crawl on for them, and easy to clean for you.

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